Brewvement: practicing physical yoga postures with a brew in hand

Oh hi there!

We're guessing you made your way here out of curiosity, wondering what the heck is this #JoinTheBrewvement anyways?  We know, it's a bit unusual.  But we firmly believe in meeting you where you're at.  And if that happens to be in your favorite local pub with some friends, brews and giggles, well then twist our rubber arm!

Here at Balanced Brew Yoga we create welcoming spaces for you to socialize AND practice physical yoga postures.  Unconventional?  100%.  Completely fantastic?  Most definitely!

At our events we insist you listen to YOUR body.  Sometimes you'll hear your body cheer "heck yeah we got this!" to challenge you deeper into a pose.  And other times it will whisper "take a sip..." as you enjoy some much deserved relaxation.

Your body knows you best!  Or you know your body best?  Either way, YOU are the boss of your own brewvement!

About Us

Our Craft:

to create balance by infusing your time-honoured brew experience with a fresh splash of spirited yoga

Our Vision:

that all humans experience both meaningful connection and balanced well-being