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You'll find this All-Star line-up inside the multipurpose room, next to The Owl.
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BE NICE YOGA CO: Morning Meditation
Krista Marie
It’s time to meditate, breathe and surrender. This is a class all about calming the mind, focusing fully on the breath and surrender to all that comes up in the process. It’s a slow class, with hands on healing throughout. A combination of gentle flow & deep stretch, this class will leave you feeling blissful and at Ease. Join Krista for a relaxing and invigorating practice!
JAYZEN YOGA: Flow State Vinyasa
Jason Sazinski
Explore a unique style of vinyasa designed to help you reach a state of Flow.  Flow state by definition means being in the zone, a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in feeling energized, focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.  In this session you will experience music and movement designed to heighten your state of consciousness, and allow you to dig into the depths of flow state...
SHEA USICK: It's All In The Hips!
This Yin / Yang style class will start with the focus of building control, stability and strength in the core, hips and legs. We will begin with a yang style warm up including some fun movement tasks, followed by a Vinyasa flow.
The following portion of the class will center on cooling down and letting go as we gently release into a yin style, targeting the hips and legs once again. We will end the class with a shavasana / meditation. The target point directed to the hips is due to the importance of prostate and the overall health of men brought on by the Movember movement.
Please dawn some athletic wear and bring some socks!
Robin Hilton
Join Robin from Queen City Yoga for a soulful practice focused on letting go of the external appearance of the postures and turning inward to experience the postures as sensations and energy capable of alchemizing emotions and shifting states of awareness.  This will be a slow flow class with a strong focus on breath centered movements set to an epic playlist.
Sam Wilkie
This is a compassionate mind-body practice that will nurture our inner being and elongate our capacity to feel and expand our ability to love.  Combines both yin/restorative postures and gentle movements, controlled breathing, meditation and relaxation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.  We will focus on connecting inward and aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through stillness and gentle movement.  Awaken your spirit and open your heart through synchronizing breath with movement to clear out blocked energy and relax into the deepest layers of the body.  You will have a chance to restore, rejuvenate and tap into the physical, as well as the subtle bodies in a different way.  You will be sure to leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced after this healing practice.
Hillary Moffat
Centre your body, mind and Mo.  Mix sun salutations, balance poses, strength and stretch for a happy, gentle practice.
TWO ROOTS YOGA: Funk’tional Flow
Chris Bailey
Get moving in dynamic ways, transitioning through poses that are both fun and challenging. This class will take many of the elements of your standard flow and add a handful of more primal movements. Reminding the body to move in functional, natural ways invigorates both body and mind. This class might make you sweat, but it’ll for sure make you smile.
Karen Maynard & Rachel Suttill
Join us for a light-hearted, inclusive experience of moving in your body while enjoying a local kombucha.  In this all-levels session you’ll breathe, flow, sip, giggle, and connect with your fellow brewvers!


Inside The Owl (by donation), these sessions will be an unforgettable experience with Sound Off wireless technology! 
Produced by: Zenhouse Productions
TRIBAL VIBES WILDFIRE: Drums, Didgeridoo and Yoga Flow Vibes
Kristy & Buzzroc
This class begins with tuning into the subtleties of the breath, a guided flow practice that starts with the heart beat of mother earth, the drum. As the momentum builds the voice of mother earth the didgeridoo is infused to complete the soundscape. Movement, breath, and sound united for an experience that heightens one's inner vibration, as well as the collective vibe. This practice combines seated flow, standing poses, seated poses and guided meditation with free flow movement inspired by tribal beats and healing vibrations of the didgeridoo, including a chakra activation. All levels welcome.
JAYZEN YOGA: Sound Meditation
Jason Sazinski
Join us for a exploration of the mind, body and soul. Venture deep into the senses and flow to the vibration of Binaural Beats with the use of wireless sound isolation headsets. Surrender yourself to guided meditation as you embark on a soul awakening adventure.
AMY DAWNS: Make Love Loud
Turn up the volume to unconditional love. As mental illness is on the rise higher than ever before, Self Love has to rise with it.  Each one of us has a dial within us that we can put our hand on any moment and turn up the volume and raise the energy of love.  Learn to find your dial and raise your energy to the highest frequency of love.  Experience your inner transformation and what happens when you commit to making this a practice in your life.  Tap into the POWER of LOVE on a deeper level and transcend what you thought was possible up until now.  Join Amy as she guides you, to take yourself through an inner journey of the heart and begin to awaken to a higher love. 
TAMMY DE LAFOREST: In The Zone – Mindset & Hypnosis
We have all experienced times when life can feel a bit heavy.  Times when anxiety, tension, stress or the darkness of depression creeps in.  During these times it can feel like trying to navigate our way through a forest in the dark.  And then there are the times when life feels lighter and alive.  Times that seem to flow with ease, times when being in your zone feels natural and freeing.  A small shift in mindset can bring you back into your Zone - into that place where life seems to flow with little effort.  The key is to allow your busy conscious mind to rest to tap into your power within.  Tammy will guide you to access this powerful space within you that is open and ready to make this positive shift.  Join her for a mini session -- tap into your power and peace within.
ROBIN JOY: Yoga in the Bedroom
Robin Hilton
Curious how your yoga practice can help you experience more connection with yourself and your partner in the bedroom?  Sex Coach, and owner of Queen City Yoga, Robin Hilton will be sharing how her yoga classes are often not what they seem in this discussion about how you can up-level your experience of intimacy & pleasure through embodied practice.
As the oldest of 5 siblings, Ashlyn has a gift for connecting with and teaching the power of yoga, mindfulness + gratitude to kids of all ages.  This session is designed to create a fun, engaging environment with breathing games + poses to help little yogis with confidence, self-regulation, concentration + relaxation!


Inside The Owl, these will be hands-on demos by unique local fitness businesses. 
Eddy Alvaro
VIBES Dance Pop-Up Workshops happen twice a month in Regina with the goal of bringing dancers of all backgrounds together and VIBE!
Coach Zack
Train for life. Train for movement. Train for war.
With the help of the mace, which was used for centuries as a tool of war, we find strength through mobility.
Craig Moser & Tammy de Laforest
Come try on some gloves, throw some punches, release some endorphins and be present in the moment!
Brendon Kozack
Real results for real people.  Nutrition programs, personal training & group classes.